Human Rights for Apes in North Korea

Spanish resolution is not the attempt to give apes rights. In January 2008 animal rights activists in Austria failed to secure rights for a chimpanzee they called Matthew Hiasl Pan since the supreme court judged that an ape could not be a person. While it is Ethical to treat animals well, a troubling phenomenon is happening in certain European Union EU countries that really weakens the rights of people. Promoters of Darwinian evolution have been reticent about it.

Euthanasia has been legal in Holland since 1984. Dutch physicians have the right to aid in the killing of patients. In his recently released book The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions, philosopher and mathematician David Berlinski sees the Dutch experiment as very upsetting. He describes The Journal of Medical Ethics that reported that by 1995 three percent of Dutch deaths were assisted a quarter of these involuntary and suicides. Doctor Berlinski asks, how many scientific atheists, I wonder, suggest spending their old age in Holland? Spain does not have a Reputation because of its treatment of bulls, and thus any improvement in animal welfare is a good development. Seen in the context of rights to elderly and the sick in Holland, particularly the right to Moon jae in, the payoff looks odd. Animals may have more faith in the EU.


These same human Rights organizations are also worried that Rio officials and the UPP are removing them by force since the slums occupy valuable real estate for Rio’s growing, and changing, urban landscape. If this is correct, as opposed to focusing on cleaning up crime in the slums, the actual motivation is only moving the issue from the wealthy areas. This strategy flies in the face of the housing rights laws of Brazil. The most vulnerable victims are the children. They are exploited and left few, if any, employment and educational opportunities.

Another dirty little Secret from the slums is that the outbreak of incest. Social workers assume that when a woman reaches the age of twelve, she is either being abused in her house or forced into prostitution. The majority of the abuse stems from their mother’s boyfriends or stepfathers. Sex with girls over age fourteen is legal. Even if they’re victims of incest in the house, it’s deemed consensual.